Hot Shots® Bingo Hall, 961 Garcia Ave, Suite E & F, Pittsburg, CA 94565
(925) 427-1970

Thursday & Friday - Doors Open at 4pm, Games Start at 6:30pm
Saturday - Doors Open at 3pm, Beat the Machine Starts at 4pm, Regular Games Start at 6:30pm
Sunday - Doors Open at 11am, Games Start at 1pm

Event Calendar - Current Ad & Special Events

The Hot Shots organization hosts exciting bingo games in the East County area, four days a week! Thursday, Friday and Saturday Nights and Sunday Afternoons!

You’ll love the thrill and excitement of daubing your way to hundreds of dollars in cash and prizes! Never played before? No problem. The Bingo hall carries a full line of bingo supplies at reasonable prices. The friendly staff will also answer any questions you might have and be glad to teach you how to play so that you too can walk away a winner!

You’re certain to have a great night at Hot Shots® Bingo and proceeds raised from bingo will directly benefit the Hot Shots organization helping with maintaining the Hot Shots Academy along with many other costs associated with competitive travel softball.

Hot Shots® Bingo Hall is located just off of the Loveridge Rd. exit of Highway 4 in Pittsburg, CA. Our facility has all new flat screen TV’s, new Paint, Carpet, Kitchen and is a Non Smoking Facility! The Hot Shots run the best games in town so come on down, play some bingo and support the Hot Shots.


December 2016 Special Events Summary



Paper Buy In $25.00 up to 6 packs
Single Loaded Machine and Paper $40.00
Double Loaded Machine and Paper $45.00
Triple Loaded Machine and Paper $50.00


Earlybirds pay $250.00
All Regular Games pay $250.00 on Thursday, Saturday & Sunday
All Regular Games pay $300 on Friday's!!!
Double Action pays $500.00
4,5,6 Slam pays $750.00
4,5,6,9 Slam pays $750.00

Flashboard Games Pay $500.00 to $1199.00

Progressive's played every night!
Jackpot – Starts at $1000.00 in 55#'s or less.
Goes up $100.00 each night and one # until won.
Consolation Prize Guaranteed at $150

Lucky 7 Lottery played every night!
Jackpot - Starts at $500 in 17#'s or less.
Goes up $50 each night and one # until won.
Consolation Prize Guaranteed at $150

Play Beat the Machine on Saturday's
$20 to play 10 Games
$100 payout per game
Just as it says, you have to Beat the Machine!
If someone gets a BINGO on a Machine first, they will win $50 for that game.
We then continue playing until someone gets a BINGO on paper and they will then win the other $50.
If someone gets a BINGO on paper first, they win the $100 and we start a new game.


We now have a point redemption program, for every dollar you spend on your buy-in, you receive 10 points per dollar towards free play. And on the Month of your Birthday, you receive 10,000 extra points, that's a $50 value!!

If you are interested in Hot Shots® Bingo, please contact the Hot Shots® Bingo Manager, Coco at (925) 427-1970 or e-mail her at for more information.




General Hall Bingo Rules

General Hall Bingo Rules are posted at the Hot Shots® Bingo Hall and are located on the bottom of the Daily Schedule's.


Point Redemption Rules

  1. All points are at initial Buy-In. Points will not be added after the fact. (No Exceptions)
  2. Maximum redeption per night is $25.00 towards Buy-In only.
  3. For every dollar spent each night at Buy-In, you will receive 10 points per dollar. This only applies to Buy-In and Special purchases.
  4. It is the player's responsibility to provide players card at the time of Purchase. We will not enter points for a previous session after the fact.
  5. Birthday Points - On the month of your Birthday we will add 10,000 points to your account. This equals $50 in free play and can be redeemed any time during your Birthday month.
  6. Redemption cards have been assigned to all players. If you lose or do not have your card with you, we are able to look up your account by name. Lost cards can be replaced if necessary.
  7. Only your assigned card can be used for points. They cannot be combined or used for a friend to Buy-In.


Saved Seat Rules

  1. If you saved a seat and you do not call the Hall to let us know you are not coming before 5:15pm on Thursday through Saturday, or by 12:15pm on Sundays, we will no longer save that seat for you on that day of the week.
  2. Seats are only saved for one hour and fifteen minutes from when we open our doors on each respective day. If you cannot make it within this time frame, please call the Hall and we will make a decision on a case-by-case basis, depending on turnout, to save your seat.
  3. On Special Buy-In days and Mini Marathons, your regularly saved seat will not be saved.
  4. On Special Buy-In and Mini Marathon days, you can purchase your seat for $25 cash in advance. This fee will be applied to your Buy-In on that day. If you do not show up on that day, there will be no refunds.
  5. On Special Buy-In and Mini Marathon days, we will open the doors 30 minutes early. 3:30pm on Thursday and Friday, 2:30pm Saturday and 10:30am on Sundays.
  6. Saving a seat is just that, a saved seat, not a saved table.
  7. On Special Buy-In and Mini Marathon days, be prepared to have 2-3 people per table.


Good Neighbor Rules

  1. Good Neighbor will be paid on Regular Games Only, not on Early Birds, Specials and Flash.
  2. Good Neighbor will be paid when there is a Single Bingo only.
  3. Good Neighbor will be paid to the right and left of you, in the row of seating you are in. If you have a neighbor on your left, but not on your right, we will just pay the neighbor on your left. If you have a neighbor on your right, but not on your left, we will just pay the neighbor on your right.
  4. To keep things fair and consistent, we will not pay neighbors who are close by but in a different row of seating.